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AGS Paraffin Industry and Trading Inc., was founded in 09-06-1987. Due to studies in creating and developing new products, today AGS has various kind of product lines which are used by different sectors.

According to customer requirments and requests the company produces and export different grades of products such as %0.5 to 8% oil content paraffin wax . The factory has 10.000m2 open and 5.000m2 close are for production .

AGS is awarded EN ISO 9001:2000 quality and EN ISO 14002:2004 environmental management certificates. In laboratory of the company the products are observed for 24 hours, where the research studies are done as well.

In the 2007 company has reach 5.8 million Usd amount of fund with 30.000mt / year capacity. Begining from the establishment. the company exports its qualified paraffin and derivatives to all over the world.
ROYAL CANDLES operating in Izmir is one of the leading companies of the sector. Royal Candles manufactures and exports candles for Turkey's domestic market, Wedding - Invitation Organizations, Hotels and Restaurants, Markets, Furniture and Consept Stores, Promotions, Wedding Candies, Souvenir Shops, and Foreign Markets. Our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the best product and the optimum price.
ARCUS Global Trading Co. established since 2014. Our aim is to be bridge between importer & manufacturer / suppliers around the world. Our company's primary focus is on our customers' needs and to develop long term relationships. We offer a variety of quality product at competitive prices while providing quick and efficient delivery. We want to carry our 5+ years of expertise, reliability, and professionalism to continue helping our customers grow. Our product line includes a wide variety of agricultural products, edible oils, eggs, seafood, mineral products and construction materials. Our service is to offer our valued customers the best combination of quality product and competitive price. With our own trucking fleet, we have the capabilities to quickly ship dealers as soon as next day. We are always striving to offer quality product and service at the best value to our customers